A proffer agreement is a contractual agreement between a (DA) District Attorney’s Office and the defendant, or someone under a criminal investigation. In basic terms, the person being investigated will agree to give the prosecutor useful or important information in exchange for protection – their words will not be used against them later on in the court proceedings. These types of agreements, sometimes called “Queen for a Day” agreements, typically will only benefit those who are at risk of criminal charges. In some cases, particularly in white collar criminal investigations, the same person who witnesses a crime may also be found to have some level of involvement, such as conspiracy, or aiding and abetting.

Gianni Karmily is a defense attorney who aggressively defends those charged with crimes in New York. When it comes time for a prosecutor to make deals and agreements with those under investigation, you need the help of a sharp, hardworking lawyer on your side. The details of these agreements can often become complex quickly, and are sometimes too complicated to understand without the help of a legal representative. If you have questions about a criminal charge, or a Proffer Agreement, we encourage you to schedule a no-obligation criminal case evaluation with the Law Firm of Gianni Karmily as soon as you possibly can.

What Kind Of Cases Typically Involve A Proffer Agreement?

Most immunity arrangements and plea deals begin with a proffer agreement. The terms of the agreement will be outlined in a proffer letter. It is important to review the terms with a lawyer, to avoid any issues or contradictions when testifying in court. With any testimony, it is extremely important that the same information that is relayed in the proffer testimony is relayed in court. Contradictory information can lead to perjury or obstruction of justice charges. Any information that you provide can be used as a lead for new or further investigation, which has the potential to expose new evidence against you in the criminal proceeding. 

What Happens If There Is An Immunity Agreement?

In the instance of an immunity agreement, criminal defense attorneys may be able to do an attorney proffer of facts on behalf of one of their clients, where the lawyer will be able to relay the information to the prosecutor to confirm that the information being provided will be useful or important to the investigation. Immunity will not be granted to non-essential or unimportant information. From there, the person under investigation will be able to explain their role in the events that occurred before entering into an agreement or deal.

Is A Proffer Agreement Worth The RIsk?

The answer to this question is different for every person. You should always discuss every detail of your case with your attorney, as there are many factors that affect the strength of any potential case against you.

The terms and conditions of your Proffer Agreement will be outlined in a Proffer Letter, which can be confusing for someone to understand at a first glance. As your criminal defense attorney, Gianni Karmily will make sure that you understand precisely what the letter promises, and what it does not promise. This is a very important aspect of your prospective criminal proceedings, as it’s very important that you understand exactly what the Proffer Letter is communicating. Not all lawyers are skilled and well versed in this unique area of law, but Gianni Karmily is.

Gianni Karmily takes the time to explain all facets of your case with you, as well as any opportunities that are available for maximizing your outcomes and minimizing your impending penalties. Gianni Karmily provides a trusting environment for sharing your questions and concerns, and will work diligently to make sure you feel confident at every step of the proceedings.

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