Generally speaking, a “conditional license” can be an option for a New Yorker who has been convicted of an alcohol related driving offense, whose license is at risk of being revoked or suspended. A conditional license is often referred to as a “post-conviction conditional license.” However, it typically takes about twenty days from your sentencing day for the alcohol related conviction, before the DMV offers up a post conviction conditional license to those who are eligible. Because of this, many savy Long Island criminal defense lawyers will ask for what is sometimes called “twenty day stay” of their client’s license suspension or revocation. This period, though just a little longer than two weeks, will provide the convicted person with the ability to drive until they are able to obtain a Post Conviction Conditional License.

Where Am I Permitted To Drive With A Post Conviction Conditional License?

The intention behind giving someone a post conviction conditional license is to keep the person off the road, as they have proven themselves to be a danger, but also to mitigate the risk of serious financial, social, and educational hardship falling upon a convicted person, should they not be able to drive to work, school, to see their children, or other similar circumstances. Your life can be changed drastically if you get a drunk driving conviction, so a post conviction conditional license is intended to offset some of these challenges.

If you have been granted a post conviction conditional license in New York, there are only a handful of places that you are permitted to drive:

  • To and from your place of employment, internship, apprenticeship
    • You may only drive to your place of employment or internship during the hours in which you are scheduled to be there, for example, during the hours of your work shift as they are displayed on your work schedule.
  • To and from the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles to provide important paperwork or conditional license-related documents.
  • To and from the accredited college, university, or other educational facility in which you are enrolled
    • You may only drive to the accredited educational facility during the hours in which you are scheduled to be there, for example, during your scheduled classes, but not during off-hours to use a campus library or other activity.
  • To and from probation as it is required by the court, including drug test appointments or court-mandated therapy sessions.
  • To and from any other pre-approved destination, between pre-approved hours.
    • For example, to make a visit with your biological child during approved custody hours, or to attend religious services.
  • To and from a doctor’s office visit, blood draw, imaging test or other medical appointment that is part of required and necessary treatment for you or for an approved  member of your household
    • For example, some may be permitted to drive their parent or child to any important medical appointment, but it may be required that you provide proof in the form of a signed doctor’s note.
  • To and from important appointments for your child, such as driving to and from school, day care, or other important and pre-approved activities.

How Can I Get A Post Conviction Conditional License?

New York is notoriously hard on drunk driving crimes, and often seeks to penalize these offenses to the fullest possible extent of the law. If you are fearful that you may lose your license, the best way to be proactive about this is to contact a criminal defense lawyer right away.

Gianni Karmily has extensive experience helping New Yorkers fight back against tough laws and defend themselves against losing their license. If you have a hardworking attorney negotiating on your behalf, your chances of getting a post conviction conditional license may be increased.

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There’s a lot on the line in every criminal case, but especially those involving driving under the influence. A (DWI) Driving While Intoxicated conviction can impact your personal relationships, career, finances, and every other aspect of your life in an instant. The best case scenario in a situation like this is to get a post conviction conditional license–but getting one will not be a simple process.

The best way to protect your future, reduce your penalties and hold on to your license is to fight your charges with the help of Nassau County criminal defense lawyer Gianni Karmily. Gianni Karmily is passionate about helping the accused fight for their freedom, and will fight aggressively  to get you the help you deserve. Schedule a consultation with Gianni Karmily today to fight back against drunk driving charges and to secure the best possible future for yourself.