New York law is tough on crime, especially the crime of driving under the influence. If you have been charged with drinking and driving in New York, you may be offered a plea deal, especially if you are a first offender. But should you accept the plea deal? What even is a plea deal, and how do I know that I’m being offered a good deal?

Knowing the full extent of New York State law is not your job. Always turn to someone who is familiar in these situations. Gianni Karmily is a trusted, hard-working criminal defense attorney who will fight aggressively to make sure your rights are upheld in a court of law at all times and that you never have to settle for a deal that isn’t in your best interest. Read on to learn more about New York State (DWI) Driving While Intoxicated law, and what a plea deal could look like if you are stuck in this situation. If you or a loved one have been arrested for driving under the influence, schedule a consultation with the Law Firm of Gianni Karmily right away.

What Is A Plea Deal?

Sometimes referred to as a plea bargain, a plea deal is defined as: an agreement between defendants and prosecutors in which defendants agree to plead guilty to some or all of the charges against them in exchange for concessions from the prosecutors. These agreements allow prosecutors to focus their time and resources on other cases, and reduce the number of trials that judges need to oversee.

In plea bargains, prosecutors usually agree to reduce a defendant’s punishment. They often accomplish this by reducing the number of charges and the severity of the charges against defendants. They might also agree to recommend that defendants receive reduced sentences. Some plea bargains require defendants to do more than simply plead guilty.

Three common plea deals include:

  • Accepting a guilty plea to a lesser criminal charge than the original charge that was filed
  • Dismissal of one or more criminal charges against the alleged offender in exchange for pleading guilty to another charge
  • Agreeing to a penalty involving a shorter sentence of probation and/lower fines in exchange for pleading guilty

As previously stated, there is no way to know if the plea deal you have been offered is one you should accept. The only way to know if you are about to enter into a smart legal decision, or a foolish one, is to consult with a lawyer. With the guidance of a Nassau County, Long Island criminal defense attorney, you can review the plea deal, assess the outcome, and decide if it is the right choice for you to take.

Can You Get A Plea Deal For My (DWI) Driving While Intoxicated Charge?

If you have been arrested for driving under the influence for the very first time (referred to as a first offense or first offender) you may be offered a plea deal that reduces some of your prospective penalties. However, it is important to remember what you are really accepting when you take a plea deal. First and foremost, never make a legal decision as serious as this without consulting with a criminal defense attorney first. Only a skilled criminal defense lawyer, who has a breadth of knowledge about New York State driving under the influence law, can give you relevant guidance toward this important decision.

When you accept a plea deal, it is legally considered a guilty conviction. When you accept the plea, you lose the chance to fight back and state that you did not commit the crime. The only way to know if accepting the plea deal is the best idea for you is to consult with a criminal defense attorney as soon as you can. Gianni Karmily is a trusted Nassau County, Long Island driving under the influence attorney who will fight aggressively to make sure you get the deal you deserve, and will always advise you, as his client, if he believes you can do better than the plea deal is being offered.

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Driving under the influence is taken seriously in New York. If you have been offered a plea deal, or hope to be offered a plea deal, this is not a situation you should navigate on your own. Only with the help of an experienced Nassau County, Long Island seasoned DWI defense advocate can you weigh the pros and cons of a plea deal.

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